Genres: techno, house

My fellow ‘levensgenieter’​,​ Nice to meet you! My name is Zookey! I have developed an interest in electronic music at an early age. Seeing my older brothers getting ready for big electronic parties​,​ listening to house music and me sitting in the corner of the room I knew back then that this was it for me! I have been crafting my skill and taste for house music over the years by listening to a lot of music​,​ digging for records in record stores and playing at popular venues in Amsterdam; the Adam tower​,​ Club Up​,​ Panama to name a few. I get my inspiration from a lot of different genres like: House (all kinds)​,​ Bass​,​ Minimal​,​ Techno​,​ Garage to name a few and am very versatile when having to play at different times during a gig. I like to prepare my sets for the most part but also have the ability to read the night​/​dance floor and adapt when I feel it’s necessary. I like to have a good conversation with the host(s) days before the event​,​ ideally visit the venue up front to get a good feel​,​ have a look at the party’s socials​,​ potential mixes live sets from previous editions to determine what sound fits best. But I also like to play in smaller settings​,​ birthday parties for example​,​ as long as it's house music oriented. I am always open for a good conversation over some coffee​,​ so if you feel like I might be a good fit HOLLA!


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  • House
  • UK Garage
  • Techno


  • Clubnight
  • Festivals
  • Private parties



    Moderate (2 weeks)

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