Mathis Evasion

Genres: house, techno

Bathed in electronic music by my father since infancy​,​ my passion for this universe has never stopped growing. To enrich my​,​ and to understand the music culture I never limited myself with a genre or period. Music is the universal language​,​ for millennia it has gathered people together even before the first civilizations. As an artist my goal is to use the medium of sound to take people on a journey outside of daily life and into the present moment. Also to share an experience​,​ transmit a feeling which is perceived uniquely by each and every individual. The same feeling is what drives us to get together and unite. My first DJ sets were very different from one to the other​,​ going from Techno​,​ to Indie dance​,​ House​,​ Tribal​,​ Minimal.. My preference now​,​ is to build up diverse mixes that are in tune with the eclecticism of my musical library.

Mathis Evasion

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Arthouse DJ


  • House
  • Afro House
  • Tech House
  • Tribal
  • Techno


  • Clubnight
  • Bars
  • Festivals
  • Corporate parties
  • Private parties



    Moderate (2 weeks)

    € 85,00
    per uur


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