Maceo Novica

Genres: disco, funk

Maceo Novica is the typical modern offspring from Amsterdams fruitful eclectic DJ scene. Bringing a fresh new perspective on House​,​ funk and R&B he blends styles whilst always staying true to his soulful roots. Named after famous funkateer Maceo Parker​,​ and with a last name that sounds familiar to seasoned clubbers​,​ as his father was the prime DJ at the legendary Soulkitchen in Amsterdam​,​ it's no surprise Maceo has 'the groove' in his blood. He connects genres differentiating from hip-hop to minimal house and keeps his eyes on the crowd when anticipating the energy. Still in his early twenties​,​ having studied applied psychology and being a teacher at the acclaimed DJ school Amsterdam are the groundwork of a great musical journey is still ahead for Maceo Novica.

Maceo Novica

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  • House
  • Disco House
  • Tech House
  • Minimal House
  • Deep house
  • Rnb
  • Old School Hip Hop
  • Funk
  • Soul
  • Disco
  • Pop
  • 90's


  • Clubnight
  • Bars
  • Festivals
  • Corporate parties
  • Private parties


  • I can bring my own DJ set


Flexible (24 hours)

€ 75,00
per uur


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