Frequently Asked Questions

How to get DJ gigs through Djammin?

  1. Press the button Create your DJ Profile.
  2. Add your DJ name (which probably is different from your user's name).
  3. Provide a description of yourself, your style and your act. Use all the text you need to make sure that bookers get a good impression of what you have to offer.
  4. Tick the styles that you play, so bookers who are after a certain style can easily find you.
  5. Indicate on which occasions you like to play, so you'll only get requests of your liking -and avoid unnecessary interactions for yourself and bookers-.
  6. Specify which equipment you would be able to bring along with you, if bookers don't dispose of their own.
  7. Choose your own cancellation policy, from very strict to very flexible, so you stay in control of your own time.
  8. Share how far you're willing to travel, from your set home location. Just indicate how many kilometers you can go, so Djammin will give you only gigs within that range.
  9. Set your fee! How much do you want to make for your performance? Make sure that you'll be found, only by bookers who are willing to pay your fee.
  10. Last: Make sure to provide your availability. What day and hour of the week are you available for a gig? Any exceptions? This can all be provided too!
  11. You may want to add some Pictures, a video of your act (from Youtube) and a mixtape (from SoundCloud).
  12. Do not forget to provide your banking information, so you'll be able to receive payments for your gigs.
  13. And then: Press Publish to make sure that Bookers get to see you, so they can book you for their parties.

What's the difference between a Booking and a Gig?

If you look for your bookings on Djammin, you'll get to see all the DJ's you have booked to play at (one of) your parties. If you look for your gigs on Djammin, you'll get to see all the times and occasions you have been booked as a DJ to play at someone else's party.

How does the location filter work on Djammin?

On Djammin, DJ's can indicate what their home location is and how far they're willing to travel from there. We call it the radius. Bookers specify the location of their event. Then, the filter will show only those DJ's whose radius allows them to play at that location.

Can I have different profiles on Djammin?

Yes, you can endlessly add profiles on Djammin. In fact it's a good idea to add different profiles for different occasions or styles. You may happen to have a knack for Country & Western and also for House. Your story, pics and video for each of these styles may differ, so bookers get a good idea of what you're capable of!

Can bookers see all my profiles in one overview?

Not yet. We're working on a link from the DJ's profile to all his other profiles -which should be an option rather than a must have for all-.

As a DJ, how do I set different fees for different occasions?

If you want to set different fees for different occasions, it's best to make different profiles for these occasions. The advantage of that is that you may also want to emphasize different traits or characteristics, which tend to be a fit for those occasions. The profile you want bookers to see when programming for a cult festival may be different from the profile you want the aunt of a friend to see when booking a surprise party for her boss at work…

Do I need to bring my own equipment when I'm booked on Djammin?

No, it's not always necessary to bring your own equipment. It depends: You may want to indicate that you have your equipment and are willing to take that to your booker. If the booker then expects you to bring it, then it's a good idea to do so. You may also indicate that you don't have your own equipment. Then, bookers who need DJ's to bring their own equipment, will probably fail to find you.

Is it a good idea to bring my own equipment?

It may be a good idea to bring your own equipment, especially if the booker doesn't provide the right stuff for a great party. It also may be a good idea if you prefer no surprises and really like to play with your own tools. If you'll always do that, you may want to add the cost of the equipment in your fee, otherwise you can have a chat with the booker on the additional fee for it.

What fees are involved in booking a DJ on Djammin?

The fee of a DJ is composed of 3 components:

  • DJ fee
  • 10% commission for Djammin
  • 3% handling costs for the credit card and payment service providers

Can I become a member of Djammin as a DJ?

Yes, as a DJ you may also want to become a member of Djammin. We're organizing special events for our members, both for bookers and for DJ's, both online and offline.

Can Bookers cancel after booking a DJ?

Bookers may always need to cancel a DJ, but some costs are always involved. These costs depend largely on the DJ's chosen cancellation policy, which may vary from very flexible to super strict.

The cancellation policy isVery flexibleFlexibleModerateStrictSuper strict
Bookings may cancelleduntil 24 hours before the agreed time of the showuntil 1 week before the agreed day of the showuntil 2 weeks before the agreed day of the showuntil for 4 weeks before the agreed day of the showbut will be charged for
Browse DJ's
Listen to samples
Watch videos
Booking fee for DJ's10% per booking4 free bookings per yearUnlimited free bookings
CostFree10 EUR per month25 EUR per month

DJammin's handling fee and payment fees are not reimbursable.

How do I get paid?

In order to get paid, it's key to have a complete profile on Djammin, and also on Stripe, our payments handler. Both your Djammin account and your Stripe need to be verified. Without verification, Stripe can't send you your payments.

How long does it take to get paid?

If your Stripe account has been verified, it usually takes 2 days for Stripe to process your payment. They allow themselves up to 1 week to deliver the money on your account, but usually it doesn't take that long.

Why wouldn't I get paid?

The most common reason for payment to be delayed is when DJ's have forgotten to verify their account on Stripe.

How can I give a discount to family or friends?

There are several ways to give away discounts:

  1. You can offer to play a longer amount of time for your standard fee. For example, if your fee is 100EU per hour, you may offer to play two or even three 1 hour sets for that fee.
  2. You can have your family or friend start a chat with you. Both of you then gain access to another screen where you can add the newly agreed fee. Confirm and bingo, all set!
  3. You can modify your fee for a couple of minutes, by changing it to the amount that you wish to charge, then make sure to get the booking and bring your fee back to the original level. The minimum fee is set at 25 EU, so that's how low you can go.

How should I set my fee?

In general, there are no rules for setting your fee, you can do it the way you want. The number one rule is to set the fee at a level that YOU indeed like and feel comfortable to perform for. You shouldn't feel bad about your payment for a gig, either because you got too little, or charged too much.

Then, your audience also has an opinion on what they think you're worth. This may be based on their previous experiences, the price of other DJ's they like, the price level in your part of the world, or your fee as compared to all the other expenses they're about to make.

Setting a comparatively high fee, has the potential to make people value you more. It raises expectations -and usually appreciation as well-. Yet there may also be less clients willing to book you. Setting a comparatively low fee, may get you more gigs, but also tends to decrease the appreciation of your performance. For that reason, some DJ's like to set a higher standard fee, and then offer a discount of 10-20% for interested patrons.

How do I know I get paid?

Once the booker has booked you, Stripe, our payments handler will get hold of a deposit on the credit card for the entire value of the gig. That money will be transferred to your account, as soon as the gig has been delivered properly. If the booker is not happy, he or she will have to object to the payment. Then we at will request to put the payment on hold, see to clarify what's happened, mediate a solution and communicate that solution to Stripe for conclusion.

What's the difference between an Arthouse DJ and a Party DJ?

A DJ who defines himself as an Arthouse DJ is one who enjoys making their own, very original sound, first of all to their own liking, with their own selection of songs, styles, artists, cuts, mixes, cues, breaks or whatever. They usually don't like to play too many songs on request and they may be slightly less inclined to play to a preset playlist. A good Arthouse DJ is easily recognized by his or her fanbase. Some Arthouse DJ's still have very danceable music of course!

The primary goal of the Party DJ is to always throw a great party to their audience. So they tend to be more tuned to the audience and also more inclined to play what guests like to hear and dance too. Request songs are usually welcome.

Why should I get my bookings through DJammin?

There are many advantages to getting your bookings through DJammin:

  1. Bookings on Djammin build an online presence, with reviews and ratings, which will help you to grow your fanbase.
  2. Your profile grows in strength and credibility when shown as a part of a larger community. You'll share in some of the shine of your colleagues. Or they make you stand out even more.
  3. A booking through Djammin is guaranteed: You know that you'll get paid, since the booker pays before you deliver your show.
  4. It's safe: Bookers are verified through the payment gateway.
  5. No hassle if the booker didn't make any money. There's no hassle on payments if the booker didn't sell as many tickets as they anticipated. That's there risk and not yours.
  6. You'll have your money in your bank account within a few days, no more chasing of invoices.
  7. You'll get a payment statement, with all fees and taxes, ready for your administration or accountant.
  8. In case of trouble, we're there to help and mediate a solution for you. You're not on your own.
  9. If bookers look for a specific style or genre, they will find your profile next to someone like you, increasing the chances of bookings for you.
  10. Also, if bookers look for a line-up, they find it easier to come across your name in a bigger batch than if going to their own address book.
  11. You'll be a member of the DJammin community, with specials, such as events and master classes only for the DJ's on our platform.
  12. Oh, and the handling fee for DJammin is very low, as compared to other booking agencies. For Pro Members, it's even free, so for them, your fee is all they'll pay.