Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Booking and a Gig?

If you look for your bookings on Djammin, you'll get to see all the DJ's you have booked to play at (one of) your parties. If you look for your gigs on Djammin, you'll get to see all the times and occasions you have been booked as a DJ to play at someone else's party.

How does the location filter work on Djammin?

On Djammin, DJ's can indicate what their home location is and how far they're willing to travel from there. We call it the radius. Bookers specify the location of their event. Then, the filter will show only those DJ's whose radius allows them to play at that location.

What fees are involved in booking a DJ on Djammin?

The fee of a DJ is composed of 3 components:

  • DJ fee
  • 10% commission for Djammin
  • 3% handling costs for the credit card and payment service providers

What are the benefits of becoming a member of Djammin?

As a member, you get access to special events, early notifications from members of the community, news from a news feed and a newsletter. Plus, you won't have to pay the 10% commission to your bookings, nor the 3% credit card handling costs.

Why should I make a good Booker profile?

Getting a good DJ is a personal affair. It helps all if there's a good match, click and connection between Booker and DJ. Therefore, be honest about who you are and what you'll bring to the booth. That will definitely increase the chance of a good fit between your crowd and the DJ at your parties.

What fees are involved in Djammin membership?

Djammin has three different levels of memberships

Guest Membership - Allows to browse, listen to, watch and book DJ's. The fee for each booking is 10% on top of the DJ rate. Guest membership is free of charge.

Community Membership - Allows to browse, listen to, watch and book 4 DJ's per year for free. The fee for Community Membership is 10 EUR per month.

Professional Membership - Allows to browse, listen to, watch and book an unlimited amount of DJ's for free. The fee for Community Membership is 25 EUR per month.

Browse DJ's
Listen to samples
Watch videos
Booking fee for DJ's10% per booking4 free bookings per yearUnlimited free bookings
CostFree10 EUR per month25 EUR per month

Can Bookers cancel after booking a DJ?

Bookers may need to cancel a DJ, but some costs are always involved. These costs depend largely on the DJ's chosen cancellation policy, which may vary from very flexible to super strict.

The cancellation policy isVery flexibleFlexibleModerateStrictSuper strict
Bookings may cancelleduntil 24 hours before the agreed time of the showuntil 1 week before the agreed day of the showuntil 2 weeks before the agreed day of the showuntil for 4 weeks before the agreed day of the showbut will be charged for

DJammin's handling fee and payment fees are not reimbursable.

What if a DJ doesn't show up?

If a DJ doesn't show up at the agreed time and location, you may want to contact us at We'll reach out to you to get a proper understanding of what's happened and also to the DJ to get their version of the story. If it's indeed clear that the DJ indeed has not shown up, we'll reimburse your payment. If not, we'll see to mediate a good solution for both parties.

What if I want to change the location or timeslot of my booking?

The best thing to do is to enter your chat on the website to request your change directly to the DJ of your booking. The DJ may just accept. If the DJ's cancellation policy allows for that, you may also consider canceling your booking and making a new one. If all doesn't work, do send us an email at and we'll see if there's anything we can do to help out.

Why can't I pay with IDEAL?

Unfortunately, we don't offer the opportunity to use IDEAL for payments -yet-. The reason for that is that IDEAL pays out immediately. And we think that it's better to hold your payment to the DJ, until after the show. That way, you know that you'll at least get your money back if something goes wrong. And because of that, chances that something goes wrong, decrease significantly.

What's the difference between an Arthouse DJ and a Party DJ?

A DJ who defines himself as an Arthouse DJ is one who enjoys making their own, very original sound, first of all to their own liking, with their own selection of songs, styles, artists, cuts, mixes, cues, breaks or whatever. They usually don't like to play too many songs on request and they may be slightly less inclined to play to a preset playlist. A good Arthouse DJ is easily recognized by his or her fanbase. Some Arthouse DJ's still have very danceable music of course!

The primary goal of the Party DJ is to always throw a great party to their audience. So they tend to be more tuned to the audience and also more inclined to play what guests like to hear and dance too. Request songs are usually welcome.